Gatehouse Nursery

Improvement Plan 2018-19

Priority 1: Science

  • Staff will attend training across schools and stages to develop a consistent approach in the teaching of science.

  • Implement the science programme as devised by our Science Co-ordinators through play to develop curiosity and enquiry.

  • Staff and children will make use of the Science Shack and resources available to explore and develop science skills through play based learning.


Priority 2: To develop metacognition and reflective learners through involving all children in regular dialogue about their progress and next steps, supporting and building confidence in curriculum levels to raise attainment.

  • Big Book planning to develop the language of learning.

  • Develop learning conversations with all children to recognise achievements.

  • Involve children in reviewing their personal learning portfolios (PLPs) when adding in photographs and comments.

  • Make use of the stars display to introduce and reinforce the language of learning and the four capacities.

  • Use language ‘What are we learning?’ and ‘How do you know?’


Priority 3: To enhance children’s health and wellbeing

  • Participation in daily mile, walkabout, gardening and play outdoors to increase activity levels and sense of wellbeing.

  • Introduction of big physical play indoors.

  • Monitor children’s snacks and lunches ensuring we meet the nutritional guidance provided.

  • Work in partnership with parents to develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing and the importance of play for children.


Priority 4: To promote and develop children’s language skills in reading, talking and listening

  • Improve children’s speech through the use of TLQ.

  • Extend children’s knowledge of nursery rhymes and songs.

  • Embed literacy resources and experiences throughout the playrooms and outdoor space.

  • Continue to develop and extend the use of CAPER, Story Sacks and public library in partnership with parents and carers.