AGM: Parent Council


29th January 2018

Present: Lusi Alderslowe, Nikki Ward, Debra Wilson, Elaine Muirhead, Lizzie Hutchison,



Carolanne Cairnie, Jennifer Wilson, Sally Dodds, Jo McConchie, Liz Carson, John Riley (JR)

Apologies: Joanna Dunnit, Amy Coid, Charlene Maclean, Claire Higgins, Duncan Mcclunky


Previous AGM on November 17th was not quorate, so it was rescheduled for today.




Financial report

Met in October but not enough attendance (only 4 people) to organise a christmas bazaar


Balance £1931.36


Still to come out: playground markers £750 restricted funds. Nursery extension delays this again.


M&M productions: -£300 (not yet paid, but we have cancelled M&M for 2018 December. Will go


to a production locally in an evening.


Other expenditure over year:

Blinds in p2/3 classroom: £592.20 (9th June 2017)


sports day refreshments: £22.37





Council bought film for one classroom’s windows. Children are still monitoring temperatures in the




Ongoing issue, see previous minutes!

ACTION: JR to speak to Larran again this week. Ask him to move/ put in a new thermostat.




Headteachers report

Building work has just started and will go on for a further 4 months to extend nursery. Staff room


moving upstairs into learning lab… which we hope will be split into 2, so it is half for staff and half


for children.


The extension is to make space for 8am-6pm nursery care from age 2, starting in August.


Mrs Irving can only work 35 hours per week, so there is a possibility that a nursery manager will


be recruited to run the nursery during the hours that Mrs Irving is not on site.


The plastic sheets above main hall will be taken down and hopefully replaced with blinds.


The school role is going down.

Breakfast club

8am-9am childcare which could be very useful for parents who have to travel and start work at 9am.


There hasn’t been much interest in breakfast club in the past, but we may need to reconsider


whether this is now needed, especially with the additional nursery hours. It could be run by kitchen


staff (Mrs Agnew) or a classroom assistant. It would be of interest to some parents present.


Hardgate primary school has toast, jam, cereal in their breakfast club for 65p per day per child.


Parents would need to commit to regular days.


ACTION: JR to ask parents if they are interested in using a breakfast club


ACTION: Sally will research Hardgate and Kirkcubright primaries - how do they do the breakfast


club? (who, costs to parents, expenses)

School holidays consultation

The council are talking about changing holidays, which was seen in a newspaper as:


3 week easter


4 weeks summer


3 weeks christmas.


To be decided: May 2018


All parents should refer to email sent by school to attend consultation days. Some dates have



Traffic calming outside school

With reference to the visit from John Howell from Dumfries & Galloway council who came to a


parent council meeting in January 2017. He has now retired and his replacement, Tony Topping,


will be continuing with the plan to have a 20mph zone around the school.


Will happen after April 2018.

Chair’s report

Blinds installed.


Successful fundraising at sports day last June.

Fundraising for 2018

Council proposed a soup and sweet event. It was decided to have it on a Friday before the matinee


film for older people run by Sarah-Leigh. Children could get involved in cooking and serving.

Proposed Date: 23rd March 2018. This will be followed by the open afternoon and achievement



assembly. Serve it in the community centre. Carolanne has a big soup kettle and access to another 2.


one kettle serves 15 people.


We will be fundraising specifically for a modern mobile interactive whiteboard for the school




3 soups:


ACTION: Carolanne will do chicken and rice soup.


ACTION: Lusi will do curried parsnip with children.


ACTION: Jo will make leek and potato


ACTION: Lizzie will ask to use community centre to use it 12-1.30pm


ACTION: Lizzie to speak to Sarah-Leigh.


ACTION: JR: children to make posters and distribute them: put in fleet valley, give out on another




ACTION: Sweets – Sally, Nikki, Elaine; (Sally will speak to Cathy Gilligan)


ACTION: Lusi to ask - Danny to make bread with children.


ACTION: JR to ask parents to help make ‘sweets’.

Next evening meeting: 5th March at 7pm to plan soup and sweet event in more detail.





Sally Dodds happy to be chair. Nominated by Nikki. Seconded by Jo.


Lusi Alderslowe secretary. Nominated by Nikki. Seconded by Sally.


Treasurer: Lou Yates. Nominated by Jo. Seconded by Sally.


Vice-chair: Jenny Wilson. Nominated by Sally. Seconded by Carolanne.


The parent council would like to thank Nikki and Liz for the work they have done over the years.

ACTION: Change the names on the bank account, Lou. Meet with Liz and Lou to handover



treasurer role.


£350 was made packing bags in tescos to raise money for London trip.

Audiovisual equipment for the hall

Parents feel that the school needs better audiovisual equipment so that children and parents can


watch short films during assemblies and other times.


JR suggests that we need a modern mobile interactive whiteboard.

Cross-country running

Lizzie requested parents to help with p5-7 cross country practice in cally woods. 7th or 21st Feb. Will



depend on availability of mark adams. More are available in the afternoon – Liz Carson, Lusi,


Carolanne available too.

28th Feb is the main event at Stewartry rugby club.




Next meeting

5th March at 2pm – to include those parents who are not available in the evenings.


5th march 7pm – to include all those present (except Debra)