Kitchen News

The school kitchen is being totally refurbished over the summer holiday. As a result it is important that Mrs Agnew uses up all stock to ensure that no food is wasted. Therefore, for the final two weeks of term, there will be some minor variations to the menu.

On the final day of term, there will be a buffet picnic lunch for the children. Items will include Fish and Chips, Burgers, Sausages and Chicken Goujons to choose from. This will replace the usual school meal on that date and will cost £1.90 (unless registered for free school meals). If your child would like to participate, and does not usually have a school meal on a Friday, please notify the school office by 21st June and send in £1.90 on 24th.

(By text, e-mail, note, telephone or in person)

Please also ensure all meals ordered for the week commencing 24th June are paid for on that Monday. Refunds will be given if circumstances change and meals are not taken.

Finally, P3 parents, please remember to reply to the group call text you were sent to advise if your child is having school meals or packed lunches when they move into P4.

From the JRSOs

Walk to School Week was a big success with a very high percentage in all classes walking/ cycling or scooting at least part way to the school. Mr Cruickshanks’ class won the prize for most children not coming to school by car, with P7 a very close second.

Why not carry on coming to school without parking right outside? It is better for the environment, better for health and safer for children outside the school. JRSOs continue to check for safe parking.

Pupil Council and Gatehouse School Supporters Group (formerly the Parent Council)

The pupil council are considering what new playground equipment they would like to be installed. Ideas so far include: football posts / combined football - rugby posts & netball basketball hoops, so these options are being looked into. Money for the equipment has been raised by GSSG.

Lost Property

We have a large amount of lost property sitting unclaimed in school. If your child has lost anything, please come in and have a look before 21st June as we will be recycling unclaimed items in the last week of term. Items will be laid out in the dining room this Friday 14th June before and after the achievement assembly.

The School Garden – Help Required!

Following the success of our plant sale at the start of 2018-19, the children raised nearly £100, we used this money to purchase new tools, seeds and compost. This year, each class has been responsible for planting different seeds:

  • P1/2 planted sunflowers and tomatoes
  • P3/4 planted peas
  • P4/5 planted carrots and onions
  • P6 planted potatoes, beetroot, pumpkins
  • P7 planted courgette

Is there anyone willing to come into the school grounds during the summer holidays to help water our crops? We have raised beds/ poly tunnel at the back of the school and also some beds at the front of the school that will occasionally need watered. Our front bed is also in need of repair, and we would appreciate any donations of wood or offers of labour to rectify this.

If you are willing/able to help please either speak to Mrs Hunt, or sign up at the school office.


Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped out with the garden over the year. Particular thanks go to Lusi and Danny Alderslowe who have done so much over the years to develop the school’s garden.

Paul Jones Football Tournament:

Well done to the boys and girls who have taken part in this year’s tournament. The team has played with a good spirit and, despite some mixed results, has always remained positive and supportive of one another. Thank you also to the parents who have helped with transport to and from the games over the previous month. It wouldn’t be possible without you and we really appreciate your help. The postponed finals day is scheduled for 22nd June

Classes for Next Year

With the falling school roll, Gatehouse will be a five teacher school next year (one in the nursery and four between P1 and P7). Classes for next year will be:

  • Nursery: Mrs Irving
  • P1/2: Miss Duka
  • P3/4: Mr Cruickshanks
  • P5/6: Mrs Hunt & Mrs Clark
  • P6/7: Mrs McClymont

Final Diary Dates for this term


Friday 14th June: Achievement assembly from 2.15pm (includes P6 “Chilli” chat)

Monday 17th to Friday 21st June: P7 induction week at Kirkcudbright Academy

Monday 17th June: Nursery Sports

Wednesday 19th June: Whole school moving up session (10.30 to 11.30)

Friday 21st June: Whole school moving up session (11am to 2.15pm)

Friday 21st June: P1 Parent meeting from 1.45pm

Tuesday 25th June: Shorts ‘n’ shades disco (6.30 to 7.30pm)

Wednesday 26th June: P4/5, P6 & P7 trip to Glasgow Science Centre (departing 7.45am)

Thursday 27th June: Nursery Family Trip

Friday 28th June: Leavers Assembly from 2pm